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DreamCatcher is collaboration software that brings the right people, information, and tools together to capture clear and accurate Software Requirements. It can help your development and business teams get on the same page to collaborate on software requirements. It is ideally suited for remote teams to get better visibility and clarity.

About DreamCatcher Software

 DreamCatcher Software is based in Colorado and wholeheartedly embodies the Colorado startup culture. We develop the DreamCatcher Agile Studio – the better way to manage product requirements and design in an Agile development environment. DreamCatcher also offers Agile Project Management and Software Quality management through companion modules, that work with the core requirements and design module in a seamless manner – a truly integrated Agile suite. DreamCatcher Agile Studio is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS), allowing you to “pay as you go” and maximize your ROI on your investment in Agile transformation.

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Our History​

We have a long history and deep experience in software development – ranging from software product development, custom application development to package software implementations. We have closely observed the evolution of the software development process and are intimately familiar with the challenges that Agile teams face during product development. Software development can be a messy process right from the product concept stage. Defining what makes great software products is a challenge in itself, as user experience and usability are rather tricky to crystallize and often remain elusive. Having the right tools to define great software requirements was a void in the market that we recognized, and we set out to solve this problem. We proceeded to build the right way to define product requirements and design in an Agile environment – capturing just enough details using visual tools, not lengthy and disparate Word and Excel documents.

Our Mission​

Enable Agile teams to deliver better software products by fostering better collaboration and communication.

Positively impact the working lives of our end users by assisting them to be more efficient with the right tools, automating manual and tedious tasks, and enabling creativity and innovation through visual tools.

Strive to create a more fun and engaging environment for our customers, as we believe engaged employees are more productive and innovative.

Enable business teams and product managers to drive forward the process of defining product features, resulting in superior market performance of their products.

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Our Passion​

We are driven by a desire to build great software that is visual, intuitive and easy to use. Above all, customer success is what motivates us and we constantly strive to build software features that help our customers succeed in their markets. We recognize that communication and collaboration are key ingredients of a successful Agile transformation and our product features foster better communication and collaboration among Agile teams. We are also driven by a fervent desire to automate manual tasks and help create an engaged workforce – as we believe that engaged employees are your best asset that you need to nurture and grow. Enabling people to work on what matters most helps them create more products and innovate. We believe in this software – having successfully used it, and enhanced it, in developing and testing subsequent versions of the original DreamCatcher Agile Studio!

Where are we located?

DreamCatcher Software is located in Superior, Colorado in the Denver metro area. With a rich talent pool and established software industry, we are well positioned to tap into the resources that Colorado has to offer for companies like ours.  Not to mention the incredible beauty of the landscape around us here in Colorado, which never stops to inspire us and spur creativity in our thinking!

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