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DreamCatcher Software

DreamCatcher can help you succeed in the Application and API driven economy, leading to a superior market performance of your products. Typical Agile teams could realize a 20%-30% reduction in cost.


 Increase your Speed to Market

Increase your speed to market

  • Visualize Product Features

    With DreamCatcher you can visualize new product features much faster, enabling increased speed to market.

  • Make Product Changes Rapidly

    Make changes to your existing product features more rapidly, allowing to you to respond to market changes quickly.

  • Gather Customer Feedback

    Get customer and end-user feedback early in the development cycle when such feedback is most valuable.

  • Reduce Cycle Times

    Shorten cycle times for product requirements definition and development.

  Improve Efficiency

Automate and improve product development efficiency

  • Automate Documents

    Automate generation of requirements and design documents, saving time for your teams.

  • Automate Tasks and Estimation

    Automate the process of creating tasks and estimating tasks, freeing up your teams to focus on higher value activities.

  • Standardize Design Patterns

    Using architectural design patterns, standardize and re-use product feature architecture and integration architecture, resulting in significant time savings.

  • Automate Test Cases

    Generate test cases automatically from requirements, saving time for your test teams.

  • Cost Savings

    Typical Agile teams could realize a 20%-30% reduction in cost.

  Reduce Execution Risk

Lower execution risk

  • Improve Communication

    Improve team communication through improved visibility and access to up to date information.

  • Reduce Ambiguity

    Through visual requirements definition, reduce ambiguity and uncertainty in requirements.

  • Reduce Re-work

    Reduce re-work later in the development cycle from poorly written requirements.

  • Improve Visibility

    By providing a 360 degree view of Requirements and design, project management and quality, achieve much improved visibility.

  • Improve Accuracy and Consistency

    Automation of documents, task creation and estimation leads to a higher level of accuracy and consistency.

  Engage Your Employees

Integrated requirements gathering improves team collaboration

  • Improve Collaboration

    Improve how your teams communicate and collaborate on new product ideas.

  • Enable Productivity

    The “right tool for the job” allows teams to get their tasks done more efficiently.

  • Enable Innovation

    Ability to visualize new product features and ideas more rapidly allows business teams to drive the innovation process.

  • Automate Manual Tasks

    Automating manual and tedious tasks allows you team to focus on higher value activities.

  • Promote a More Fun Environment

    Audio-Video playback feature creates a more fun and engaging work environment.

Engaged employees are far more likely to stick with you and contribute to your market success.

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