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DreamCatcher is an engaging and intuitive system for your business and development teams to collaborate on Software Requirements, leading to better business outcomes.

Software Requirements Made Easy

Poorly documented requirements are a well known source of frustration leading to unnecessary rework and defects. DreamCatcher is a visual, easy to use and collaborative tool for capturing accurate and clear software requirements. It can help bring the business and development teams on the same page and drive better business outcomes.

DreamCatcher’s extensive features will help you capture clear and accurate Software Requirements

Product Roadmaps
Create awesome visual product road maps using easy to use tools and easily export to PPT, Image or Excel File formats.
Clickable Prototypes
Create interactive, clickable, hi-fidelity UI prototypes without writing any code at all. Capture detailed requirements for UI fields.
Acceptance Criteria
Capture detailed business requirements for user stories in the form of acceptance criteria (business rules) using GIVEN, WHEN, THEN format.
Interface Requirements
Capture Integration Points and Interface requirements with visual tools, integration design patterns & interface data fields.
Audio-video Playback
Engage your remote teams using audio-video playback of user stories, and get your business and development teams on the same page.
DreamCatcher can save you valuable time and money by automating low value tasks and generating documents, test cases and UI code.
Team Collaboration
Collaborate on business requirements by posting comments and discussions side-by-side with your requirements.
Software Quality
Enable improved software quality by auto-generating test cases from requirements, and manage your defects.

Product Roadmaps

Great product requirements start with great product roadmaps. Capture feature level product roadmaps very easily using visual tools. Drag and drop to change timeline. DreamCatcher can visually group features by theme, component, status or priority. It can also generate detailed quarterly status reports in a snap. Export your roadmaps to presentation ready PowerPoint slides or Images. Capacity planning done visually for you.

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Clickable Prototypes

Easily set up hi-fidelity, clickable, interactive UI prototypes without any coding whatsoever (no HTML, JavaScript, CSS!). No need to hire UI/UX designers, your business users can absolutely drive this. DreamCatcher helps you bring the remote teams together when it comes to UI requirements.  Developers and testers will also appreciate the clarity and ease with which they can understand requirements. Control the look and feel using visual style sheets (no CSS!). Detailed UI field level requirements are also captured in the prototypes.

Business Requirements

Define acceptance criteria for your user stories using clear business requirements (using GIVEN, WHEN, THEN syntax). You can group them into distinct groups, and create a hierarchy if you like. Having accurate acceptance criteria associated with your UI requirements is a critical part of capturing clear and accurate software requirements. They provide a concise way for your developers to code and testers to test the user stories.



Engaging Audio-Video Playback of User Stories

Get your remote team members all on the same page with the engaging audio-video playback of User Stories. It can help your team achieve a much superior understanding of the requirements from an end-user perspective.

Visual Task Boards

Once you have captured accurate software requirements, DreamCatcher can then automatically estimate and create tasks based on the scope of requirements. You can then manage the user stories and tasks visually, side-by-side with the software requirements, improving the context and visibility. If you are using another tool for managing Agile stories and tasks such as JIRA, you can keep doing that as DreamCatcher integrates seamlessly with them.

Integration Requirements

DreamCatcher empowers you to capture visual requirements for Integration Points and Interfaces (much better than using Excel and Word documents!). You can also capture integration design patterns visually, and capture data field requirements for interfaces. The best part is, DreamCatcher can then auto-generate detailed integration design documents for you!

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Software Quality

Having clear and accurate requirements is absolutely essential to developing quality software. Your software testing team members will appreciate that. But beyond that, DreamCatcher can also automatically generate functional test cases and automation test code from the requirements! This will save your test teams valuable time so that they can focus on what matters. You can also manage defects directly in DreamCatcher, side-by-side with the requirements, improving the visibility and clarity of the defects.



Save Valuable Time through Automation

Automate manual, low value tasks using DreamCatcher, so that your teams can focus on the higher value tasks. DreamCatcher will automatically generate key artifacts for you such as User Guides, Requirements Documents, and Design Documents. It will also generate functional test cases and test automation scripts, saving valuable time for your test teams. It can even generate UI code for developers.

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